Why did my husband leave me on Fable 2?

Question by : Why did my husband leave me on Fable 2?
It was Alex from Till Death Do Us Part. So I came back from the spire and first I went to see Hammer cos you know Sisters before Misters. She says to me- “You should go and see your husband and your little girl” (or words to that description).So I clicked family and it says “Your husband is divorcing you” so obviously I’m like, WTH? So I go to see him and he’s all like “Oh where were you, your so cruel your daughter has been saying “When’s mum coming home?” etc, etc. So then he’s like “I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I’m leaving, come on sweet heart (to the daughter)”. So I followed him and tried to seduce him but failed epicly so I killed him which was kind of mean, I know and obviously my little girl was taken away. So, why did he leave? I mean I’ve heard of other people who leave there husbands/wives behind and they still say with them afterwards. Could it have been cos we lived in a crappy caravan? Should I have moved somewhere else?

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Answer by Oso Superpowers
That’s the consequences in Fable 2 oh my how the game makers have their policies. LOL 🙂 Hope you find a new husband.

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  1. I’ve never played.. But from what it sounds like, you were gone for too long and your daughter missed you or something? I’m not sure sorry..

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