Traditional Wedding Favors

A wedding is a special event and no matter which season, or what time, or how simple or how grand the whole celebration is, there will always be a touch of tradition in the ceremony and in the reception. Wedding favors are those special giveaways or remembrances given by the couple to the guests. This is mainly a token of appreciation and gratitude of the newlyweds to the guests who have probably driven far just to give well wishes to the couple. It also serves as a remembrance or a memento of the event where the memories of the wedding will be recalled when the item is seen long after the wedding.

When browsing through your local bridal store, or talking with your wedding coordinator, or browsing in an online wedding store, you will see a lot of wedding favors. Some are categorized per theme, per season, per price or per style. While some people opt to get creative with their wedding favor choices, others tend to go for more popular or traditional wedding favors as they are usually the safer choice.

If you would like to go for the traditional wedding favors and give a sense of the classics in your wedding, here are some of the fool-proof traditional wedding favors that are sure to please your guests.

– Silver bells – These decorative items are traditionally given during weddings as they serve a purpose for the wedding itself.

When guests receive this favor, they can ring the bell and this means they are requesting that the couple kiss. If you do not want to be bothered with constant bell ringing, however, it is perfectly acceptable to enclose the bell within a box and give these out as people are leaving the reception.

– Chocolate – This popular edible favor can be packed in small boxes and personalized with small cards or the box can be printed with the wedding details.

Chocolate can be shaped into various wedding themed items, like bells and doves and many other things.

– Photo Frames – This practical favor is being given so that the photo of the guest that was taken during the reception can be placed here as well. You can also enclose a photograph of the bride and groom so they will have a special memento to take with them. Or as a nice follow up surprise, send them a picture of them from the wedding with the bride and groom that fits perfectly into the frame. You can send this picture with your thank you card.

– Almonds – Another favorite edible favor, especially the sugar or chocolate coated one, symbolizes the bittersweet union that the couple will have to face through together.

No matter which one you choose, it will definitely be a good choice when you get any of the above wedding favors. You need not worry about giving a gift that some will not like or something too exotic that may come off as strange to some people. More importantly, remember that how you give these wedding favors will create the most impact. By giving them personally to guests, and with a warm smile and sincere thanks, you will then be able to pass your message of gratitude to your guests.

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