Top 10 Tips For Buying A Static Caravan

If you are looking at buying a static caravan or a holiday home it’s important that you have as much information at your fingertips before you start contacting holiday parks to find the right location and holiday home for you.

Quite often I come into contact with many people who would love to own their own holiday home but have a little intrepidation over what they should be buying, where to buy it and then what the costs are in the long term.

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Static Caravan: Try before you buy
If you are going to invest in a holiday home it’s really important to look at various destinations rather than go with your first choice.

I would recommend spending a few days on a couple of holiday parks to “live the lifestyle” before you commit yourself to costs and a long term investment. Many holiday parks will offer you preferential rates on weekend breaks if they think they can sell you a static caravan or holiday home so make it clear to them that you would like to try before you buy.

How many people does it need to accommodate?
Static Caravans tend to have at least 2 bedrooms, but if you plan on having a larger number of people stay with you then I would look at 3 bedrooms. 

Alternatively look at the option of having a “temporary bed” constructed as part of the sofa in the lounge. This would give you greater space with the loss of the 3rd bedroom but also allow you to customise the sleeping options when and if more of your family what to stay with you.

How long is the season?
The majority of holiday parks operate a 10 month season. This allows them to ensure they can spend time on rejuventating the park over the winter to give you either enhanced facilities or repair issues that cropped up during the summer.
If you are looking for a residential park then I would suggest you research this further. A residential park puts you in a position where you will be charged Council Tax and you will enter into a “landlord and tennant” agreement so our advice would be to speak to a specialist in this area.

Ask when the Site Fee’s are due
If you are on a holiday park like our’s then you will be required to pay your site fee’s before the end of January. However you can spread the cost of the site fee’s over 12 months and many parks have started to offer this option. We would recommend that you speak to the sales advisors who can help you with that.

If you own a pet then I would ensure that they are allowed on the holiday park. Most parks will allow you to have dogs etc but you will need to place them on a lead when walking them due to Health and Safety of others on the park.

One way to cover the costs of your site fees is to rent your holiday home out when you are not there. You need to be careful here as some of the larger parks will force you to sublet it through them and they will charge you a fee for doing so!

However parks like ours will allow you to privately rent it out without a charge so this is a question worth asking.

Bar and Restaurant
Yep, you will have the facility to entertain in your own holiday home, but what about if you want to have a drink or eat out on the holiday park? Has the park you are looking at have this facility? It’s worth looking at the prices they charge and if there are any loyalty schemes or discounts for being a holiday home owner.

Sky TV
Another good question to ask is whether your entitled to install a satellite dish on your static caravan to receive Sky TV. Many parks will not allow this so if TV is important to you it’s a question worth asking.

Static Caravan Finance
With prices starting at £20,000 for a basic static caravan these are not a small investment. With the economy as it stands consumers haven’t got a huge amount of spare cash floating about. However many parks will be able to arrange competitive finance deals to entice you in.

Check the APR and ask if there are any early redemtion charges. You don’t want to be stung later down the line when you can afford to pay off the balance!

My final tip is to haggle! As someone that works on a holiday park you would think that I shouldn’t be saying this but some parks are not like ours and their margins will be greatly inflated so haggle with them to get the best deal possible. 

Our sales team have a directive to be as competitive as possible on our static caravans for sale, and the prices we quote will not be inflated but ensure you check out a few holiday parks for comparison prices.

I hope that my top 10 tips will help you out when you are looking at buying a static caravan or holiday home. I welcome any comments or questions so let me know if I can help further.

Nick Green

“Passionate about truth and doing things the right way, not the quickest!”

Nick is Marketing Manager for Covewood Enterprises, who operate Aberdunant Holiday Park and Cardigan Bay Holiday Park which specilise in the sale of Static Caravans and Holiday Homes in Wales.

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