Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Visiting Caravan Parks

Have you ever tried staying overnight at caravan parks? Should you have not, change your summer vacation plans and choose one of these places instead. This is a great outdoor location where you can enjoy exciting outdoor activities.

Taking a caravan trip is an alternative leisure activity for most families in Perth, Western Australia. Plenty of vacationers like going on this kind of trip because of the convenience it offers. The very idea of going on a camping trip is to be a long way away from technology. With caravan parks, there is no need to sacrifice your love of gadgets. You’ll be able to bring them along with you inside your recreational vehicle. Travelling in one of these is like being in a house on wheels. With all the stuff you can bring, you’ll not feel like you have left your house.

Caravan parks all over Perth incorporate various features to make your stay much more comfortable.

You’ll find picnic tables, big open fields, fishing spots, and grilling areas. In contrast to some Perth campgrounds which are exclusive for tent camping, these parks have power and water supply systems. Simply plug in a cable from the caravan to a nearby post and you’ll be able to start using your appliances.

One concern people worry about when camping are the restroom facilities. Regular campgrounds do not have options for toilet emergencies. All they have are provisions that let you dig cat holes. In caravan parks, you’ll be able to connect your caravan to a waste disposal system. As most recreational vehicles possess a toilet system, you just need to connect the pump to the disposal unit.  You can get one built for each camping space.

While these holiday parks have all the necessary conveniences to really make it enjoyable, there are a number of items that you’re still responsible for. Below are a few things you should not forget when staying in a campground.

Light Source

Lamps and flashlights are very important devices you should always include in your things-to-bring. While there is a power source for each post, you still need flashlights if you have to leave the campgrounds.

Lighters, matches, or igniters are very important if you’re going to build a campfire. Caravan parks often provide specific areas for your campfire and will even throw in a chunk of firewood or a heap of coal.

Insect Repellent

Campgrounds are natural habitats for a variety of types of parasitic bugs. While exploring new grounds, you need to be safe and avoid receiving terrible insect bites. Invest in a good repellent lotion or bring bug zappers or anti-insect lamps. Having these around will allow you to sleep soundly if you are intending to camp outside your recreational vehicle.


Should you have allergies, it is advisable to always bring a first-aid kit. Exposure to outdoor elements will have another effect on people. You may not be aware of it yet but you may be allergic to some plants or insects. You can sustain flesh wounds and injuries if you’re not careful during outdoor activities. This is exactly why you have to always carry a medicine kit for first-aid treatment.

You’ll be able to avoid the hassle of having to leave the campgrounds if you don’t forget to bring these with you. Make a camping checklist before stepping out of the house. You’re likely to have a fun-filled day with your loved ones if you do.

Mary Schroeder is a regular weekend visitor either at caravan parks or perth campgrounds.

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