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Q&A: Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?

Question by : Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?
a friend of mine (now ex friend) is claiming incapacity and housing benefit. They suffer from schizo affective disorder under control with meds but i’m not about to cast aspersions over mental state and i’m not question their incapacity by any means. What i’m contesting is his housing benefit. He uses his incapacity on all sorts of non essentials from buying a campervan, (he already has and runs a car) buiying hords of records, dvd, collectables, games, consoles, tecnology etc (list goes on) and his housing benefit is paying for his rented house while he plans to spend the duration of summer at a caravan park down south (mentally incapable of work because he’s unable to handle public contact and social situations yet telling me anechdotes of how many friends he’s made down at his holiday home and great conversations with strangers) When he’s home he’s hardly in it as he spends most his time round relatives. I told him I thought it was tantamount to benefit abuse and he came across like he didn’t care and he now wants nothing to do with me.
Is he abusing his benefits? or is this normal/acceptable?
Should I do anything about it? is it wrong to report it as I still care about him? as he suffers from mental illness?
I need opinions please!

Best answer:

Answer by Jody Hudson
Unless you live with him or are him you first off don’t know if this disorder is under control. It does seam likes he does a lot, that can be seen as part if his bi-polar high, He may be scared to be alone due to voices taunting him. Scared and paranoid that he must be around others for his safety. This disorder is very cruel and socially embarrassing that he most likely is not sharing the worst part of his life. Or say he is fine today tough tomorrow has a psychotic breakdown and needs to be hospitalized for a month and when he gets out he is homeless since someone misunderstood the situation and caused his housing benefits to be taken away. Please don’t think of doing this to someone you might still care about, You really don’t want that, do you?

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Motorhome Hire – try it this summer

Anticipating a fun and energising vacation this year? If so, motorhome hire could be just what you are searching for! Annually a lot of people choose motorhome hire over all other vacation alternatives – hotels, cottages, lodges and camping (in a tent). Motorhome hire is a unparalleled vacation experience. You will be able to move around anyplace in the United Kingdom, or even to additional destinations such as Republic of Ireland or European Union countries like France, Spain and Italy. There genuinely is no boundary to the escapades you will be able to try with motorhome hire.

Perhaps you are journeying with your family unit on your yearly summertime vacation. Motorhomes come in numerous forms and sizings. Some bear several child-friendly facilities, like rear bunks, permitting kids the playfulness and comfortableness of their own beds.

Perhaps you are engaging in travel as a pair in autumn or spring. You will be able to discover small or compact motorhome hire vehicles. Plenty have fixed double beds to spare you time and elbow grease. Perhaps you are carrying a group of acquaintances to a music festival. Motorhomes can well fit up to 6 or 7 people. In greater models you’ll find up to 5 distinct beds, affording your friends their much demanded space during the nighttime! Whichever kind of motorhome you demand, you’ll find it while you hunt for motorhome hire.

So you have ascertained your perfect motorhome hire vehicle, what is next? When is the most beneficial time to go on a motorhome hire vacation? The response is anytime! There are benefits and savings to be made at numerous times of the year. In the summertime (normally June, July and August) you’ll find the weather conditions to be warm and you’ll be able to make the most of your outside holiday.

You’ll need to book early since summer is the most popular motorhome hire time period. The motorhome hire rates are likewise at their most high-pitched during this time. If you are able to be elastic with your holiday time, and maybe if you’re travelling without kids, you will be able to save money and accept a vacation in spring or autumn. Often you’ll be able to get lucky and have lovely weather during these times of year too, all for a far lower cost! Wintertime isn’t an obvious motorhome hire time period, but there are still events occurring in wintertime which may benefit from your own accommodation. Christmas and New Year is also a popular period of time with a lot of people opting for motorhome hire for extra accommodation at their houses or when visiting friends or relatives.

So I acknowledge which motorhome I desire and when I desire it! What next? Now all you must to do is book your motorhome hire holiday. Pick out a reputable and experienced motorhome hire company who can offer you warrantees and support. Motorhomes are expensive vehicles and you need no doubt that you’re being protected by a competent motorhome hire company. Hunt on the internet for motorhome hire and select your perfect vacation vehicle now.

Sarah is a travel writer and keen motorhome holidaymaker. She specialises in motorhome hire and motorhome travel in the UK.

Find out more about campervan hire and motorhome hire today.

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Cheap Caravan Holidays – Four Reasons You Should Consider a Static Caravan Holiday This Summer

Gone are the days when cheap caravan holidays carried a stigma. Companies like Butlins, Haven and Parkdean have invested lots of money in upgrading their holiday parks; from static caravans with all the mod cons to swimming pools with water slides, from family entertainment and kids clubs to restaurants and bars, these holiday parks now have everything you would want for a memorable family holiday.

Here are four reasons you should consider caravan holidays in the UK this summer:

1. Modern Static Caravans

These days static caravans have all the facilities of a holiday apartment; from spacious living and sleeping quarters to satellite television and DVD players. If you are looking for a family holiday then you will be surprised to find that not only is a static caravan holiday cheaper than staying in a hotel, but you have room for all of the family.

Gone are the days when you have to share a room with the little ones.

2. Kid’s Clubs

The holiday parks will usually offer a supervised kid’s club, where your children can go to meet other children of a similar age and take part in a wide number of activities, from swimming to assault courses, archery to quad biking. If you aren’t worried about the location of your static caravan holiday it is worth checking out the kid’s club activities on offer to help you decide.

3. Family Entertainment

As you are on a family holiday you might want to actually spend some quality time together – if you can tear the kids away from their clubs of course! Many of the holiday parks offer family activities, from swimming pools with slides and floats to It’s A Knockout competitions.

4. Tasty Food

All that activity is bound to make you hungry and there are many options available for keeping the family fed and watered. You can either cater for yourselves using the kitchen in your static caravan, or you can let someone else do the cooking at one of the many restaurants offered on site.

These cheap caravan parks are located up and down the country so there is bound to be one to suit you and your family. Once you’ve had one family holiday in a holiday park you’ll want to do the same year after year!

Now you’ve found out why static caravan holidays are the best holiday destination for you you and your family visit Cheap Caravan Holidays to find out how you can save hundreds of pounds on your summer holiday this year.

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Used Caravans for Sale – Check this list before buying

I’ve made this article for the people that have made a decision to buy Used Caravan for Sale, they are aware of their budget but they still don’t have enough information about caravans and they need some tips to guide them through the process of buying.

First thing that you should do is to check for rust. Check every part of the caravan, you should even take a look under the caravan, because rust can cause a lot of problems and the repairmen costs can be high. If you find any fresh painting you’ll know that it is an indication of a quick cover-up so keep your eyes open.

Another advice is to try every gadget if it is working fine: from the cooker and the fridge to the TV check them all because if you don’t afterwords you may find out some of these are broken or not working properly and you will regret your purchase.

Check for moisture and water leaks.

You should check the roof and all of the caravan windows to find any sign of water leaking. I’m sure that you don’t want your caravan to have the smell of a dump; the least wanted is a caravan with water leaking problems.

The tow hitch and the handbrake are on the checklist too. Nobody wants to chase the caravan down the road, so make sure that when the hand brake is pulled it holds the caravan on the spot. The size of the caravans is another thing that you should have in mind. There are two infuencing factors when talking about the size of the caravan and they should be in perfect balance. First you should consider if your whole family (kids and parents) feel comfortable and have enough space in the van and another factor is your car. Make sure your car is strong enough to tow the caravan with that size. An oversized Caravan can make additional problems with the motor engine of the car.

Check if the owner of the caravan has all of the registration papers and that it’s legal. Buying one of those stolen Caravans for Sale not only will make you lose your money spent but you can be prosecuted for buying stolen goods! You can easily check if you compare the numbers from the registration with the numbers pressed on the chassis plate.

If you are not sure about buying a caravan, maybe you should try and rent a caravan. If you haven’t any experience with driving a car with an attached caravan you should make a test drive before you go on a holiday. Used Caravans for Sale can be twice as cheap so let this be one more reason to buy an old caravan.

Customer of Caravans for SaleCaravans Australia  – Sunrise Caravans

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