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can i lengthen my van for road use?

Question by : can i lengthen my van for road use?
right,, well i have a a bit of a problem. im looking for a camper/motor home but i don’t want a westfalia or a transit with a caravan bolted to it and i dont want a bus, what i want is a really long low top van something like a transit but around 26 ft long. i done some research and all i can find is a 78 gmc royale in usa and its sort of what i want but its more round than a panel van.
so my question is this …..could i buy a lwb transit and convert it to 26ft ish by say welding another rear end off another transit and moving the axle further back, fit it out as a motor home and use it legally on uk and european roads??
id like to no if there a company that does this sort of thing i have a fair chunk to buy a motorhome any way but would rather build my own camper to my own specifications
any help would be great
many thanks

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Tyres are designed and built to provide many thousands of miles of excellent service. For maximum benefit, tyres must be maintained properly to avoid tyre damage. There are many factors that will affect the life of the tyre such as temperature, maintenance, conditions of storage and use, load, speed, pressure as well as driving style. These will have a great impact on the length of service life you can expect from your tyres. Because of this it is important to inspect your tyres regularly for signs of aging that include cracking and tread deformation. It is also advisable that a tyre specialist inspects your tyres regularly after they are 5 years old to advise on when they should be taken out of service.
There is currently no agreement as to a specific age when a tyre should be removed regardless of appearance; tyre manufacturer’s recommendations vary from 5-10 years.

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This is a video demonstration of the Camos Crank-up satellite dish. We look at the main features of the system and how to operate it. Available from just £399.99 from RoadPro and from participating dealers throughout the UK. The Camos Crank-up is very reasonably priced when compared to a fully automatic satellite dish and it has benefits over a manual satellite dish because it won’t take up any of your valuable storage space and can be operated without leaving your vehicle.The system has a very low profile when parked, just 11cm high on roof, and performs excellently in bad weather conditions. Call us on 01327 312233 or visit our website www.roadpro.co.uk for more details.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Before Hitting the Open Road, Go to a Caravan Repairs Shop Today

It doesn’t matter whether a caravan will be your permanent home or perhaps a home out of the house. In either case, you need to ensure that it’s provided with the ultimate care. Individuals who fail to do safety inspections will end up with damaged caravans in the process. In the case of a touring caravan, there are numerous instances where damage may happen while driving around the country.

If you would like protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances, get insurance at a caravan repairs facility offering this. Lots of reputable firms doing this kind of business has the means to process your insurance claims. Vandalism, fire, and weather damage are the common factors that cause damage to this sort of vehicle.

If you are living inside a caravan, whether at a trailer park or on your personal property, it is considered a static caravan.

There is an insurance policy just for this also. It will cover the nearby areas which supplement your convenience of living. Included in this form of coverage are the patio, entry way steps, awnings, and fencing.

When you hunt for this specific insurance classification, check to see these items are clearly stated, so you’ll know what is protected. Before approaching a caravan repairs business, figure out how much reimbursement each item gets and what specific damages are covered. The sum you receive should cover repairs to damaged caravans and replace any wrecked property.

Touring caravans also require insurance. There are a few reasons for this. When not being used, an idle touring caravan might be damaged by inclement weather, unruly vandals, or wildlife. While travelling around inside it, you may get into a mishap and hurt someone along the way. That’s where limited liability insurance can really protect you from a probable huge payout.  

A caravan could also be stolen, in which case loss of property coverage is going to be needed. If you want to lessen your insurance coverage costs, there are a few things you can do. First thing is to install a security alarm to scare would-be thieves. Next, be sure to park in a secure location. Finally, adding a tracking device as well as axle lock might help bring down your insurance premium cost.

The one thing people forget to ask a service performing caravan repairs is whether personal belongings are covered. In order to save you the trouble of finding out, know that many of them tend not to. In this case, your best option will be to make sure your home insurance covers whatever expensive items you take with you on your travels.

For instance , electronics such as a TV, computer, laptop, CD, camera, and DVD player. Before commencing your holiday, come up with a listing of all valuable belongings you intend on taking, including how much they may be worth. In the event that anything gets stolen, you have serial numbers and pictures of the items in question.

For travellers, driving around in damaged caravans is no way to begin a vacation. To ensure everyone’s happiness, visit a caravan repair shop and get your vehicle assessed for potential damages and insurance coverage which shields you from future mishaps.


Oberto Keneth knows how dangerous it might be driving damaged caravans and therefore suggests visiting a reputable caravan repairs shop before starting your holiday.

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Brisbane to Cairns Road Trip by Rental Campervan Australia’s Pacific Coast Route Along The Great Barrier Reef

The Pacific Coast Road Trip is best explored with the freedom you can gain by rental campervan hire in Brisbane or Cairns. Exploring by campervan is fun and when you tire after a day of driving just stop at a campsite for the night. See World Heritage-listed sights, the world’s largest sand dune island Fraser Island and much more. Mon Repos, next to Bundaberg, offers a glimpse at unusual wildlife or head over to Great Keppel Island or the Capricorn Caves for some wondrous sights! Rockhampton will sooth the soul and Mackay provides snorkeling or diving the reef with beautiful corals, exotic fishes, and splendid underwater sights.

Try sailing about the Whitsunday Islands to behold amazing beauty and Magnetic Island, near Townsville awards white sands to frolic upon and crystal blue waters. Hinchinbrook National Park, to the north, features a look at Australia’s biggest island park. This trip is perfect for camping along the way, just hire campervan in Cairns or Brisbane to start your adventure, easy to reverse this trip. The coastline will never stop amazing you with the sounds, colours, and sights it has in store. Your journey stops in Cairns, the tropical north city full of exhilarating things to see and do.

Your first day stop in at Noosa to shop the boutiques, snack in a bistro and gaze enviously at the beachside apartments. Noosa National Park offers bush land, and the beaches are some excellent lookouts to fill any want. Head to Gympie to dig for gold and check out Maryborough for a provincial encounter. Hervey Bay hosts whale watching then arrive at Fraser Island, via boat, for a truly sandy experience. This World Heritage wonder is one of a kind being the world’s largest sand island. Participate in a tour or four-wheel drive the day away! Central Station hosts lush rainforest and the Cathedral Cliffs will capture your imagination with its array of colours. Lake McKenzie is picture perfect and a great backdrop for a picnic lunch. Overnight in a beachside tent, cabin, or resort or find a caravan park for your rental campervan.

Your first stop is in Elliot Heads. Fish, swim, or jet ski the whole day for some fantastic fun on the water. Dive in at Innes Park or watch the kangaroos play at Woodgate Beach. Watch sea turtles nesting in their natural habitat and look for hatchlings at Mon Repos, close by Bundaberg. Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands, on the Great Barrier Reefs south side, is home to manta rays and coral reefs for your diving or snorkeling pleasure. Bundaberg’s downtown has history on display with its old style architecture and head to the Burnett River for a lazy river cruise. Rest for the night at a campsite with your campervan rental or choose a cozy inn or hotel.

Venture northward to pause in Gin Gin or 1770, the beautiful beachside town name by Captain Cook to celebrate the year of its discovery. Inland is Cania Gorge National Park and Eurimbula National Park for rainforest bush land for some great hiking and nature. Gladstone’s green city is filled with rainforest gorges, beaches and lakes are far as the eye can see all the way to the Great Barrier Reef. Give pause in Rockhampton for cruises of the coral encrusted Great Keppel Island and snorkeling from Clam Bay, Monkey Point, and Shelving Beach. Order a scrumptious steak to see if Rockhampton deserves its reputation of Australia’s beef capital, and then walk it off in the Botanic Gardens.


Start with the sights in Capricorn Caves. These caves are located on a limestone ridge, above ground for easy access and are a true wonder. A little north is Yeppoon village with its tropical charm. This village is the gateway of Byfield National Park and the Capricorn Coast. The area offers bushwalking in the rainforest, bird watching, and fishing straight from the beach. Mackay, further north provides lunchtime in the marina or heritage talks, and walks, with a guide. Swim or fish on the beaches of the cities of Town, Lamber, Illawong, Harbour, Bucasia, Blacks, and Eimeo.

Cape Hillsborough National Park introduces you to the local kangaroos, bush turkeys, echidnas, and possums to make some new beach friends. Day trips to the southern Whitsundays are perfect to peek at Carlisle Islands or Brampton. Dive in Llewellyn for some magical shipwreck exploration and snorkel around the uninhabited Island of Scawfell in all its coral garden wonder. Stay in one of the many overnight accommodation options, including a campsite or caravan park for your rental campervan.

Start the drive by heading west to Eungella National Park for an oasis experience of the subtropical kind. The coast route offers glimpses of Airlie Beach and Prosperine as you pass through the gateway and onto Whitsundays. There are seventy-four beautiful islands to choose from, all bordered with palm trees. Here you can sail around the sights on a chartered boat or catch a day trip and simply enjoy.

Whitehaven Beach has white, silica beaches and shows the greatest in Whitsundays glory. In the green fields of sugar cane to the north and orchards of delicious mango, you will find Townsville. Here you can hire a catamaran to wind your way through the beaches and national parks at Magnetic Island. Alternatively, shop beachside on the promenade and then dance the night away! When it’s time to retire for the evening, find a campsite for your rental campervan or stay at a local inn or hotel.

This three hundred and fifty kilometer leg takes you on the Great Green Way to twenty islands and twelve national parks. A thrilling living museum in Charters Towers, the Tyoto Wetlands by Ingham and Paluma National Park are yours to discover. The tallest waterfall with a straight drop in all of Australia is located at Wallaman Falls. The largest of Australia’s island national parks at Hinchinbrook Island is up for grabs or strut along Mission Beach with its breathtaking scenery. The art deco style of Innisfail with its Chinese temple will delight all. There is water rafting in Tully Gorge National Park as well as rare wetlands and plant-life in Eubenangee Swamp National Park. Wooroonooran National Park is home to many dazzling waterfalls. Stay overnight in Cairns in a hotel, or find a caravan park for your campervan rental.

The official gateway to the magical Great Barrier Reef offers so many activities; you might just have to extend your stay! The coastal towns up north are Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands for snorkeling or diving. Hop a train to Kuranda Rainforest for stunning views and spend the day horse back riding, bush walking, rafting, or ballooning. Check out the World Heritage-listed Wildlife Safari Reserve for a wild tour. Dive or snorkel at Osprey Reef or Cod Hole or hire a catamaran and tour Green Island or Upolu and Oyster Reefs.

For some true outback pleasure, go to Chillagoe Caves or head to Tully River for some white water rafting. The protected seabird sanctuary offers diving, sailing, or snorkeling over the magical reef and picturesque gardens of coral. For an aerial view, skydive Fitzroy or Frankland Islands or snorkel or kayak for an up-close look. Head to the 4800 square-meter blue lagoon in Cairns for a swim guaranteed to be safe for swimmers of all shapes and sizes, all year round. This popular attraction offers views of the Great Barrier Reef as well as the Trinity Inlet. Dare to stay just one night in this city with international appeal in a local inn, hotel, or campsite with your rental campervan. You’ll want to add an extra three or four days here, there is so much to see and do in Cairns.


Taylor Hill, author and world traveler discovered the perfect way to see Oz with a Walkabout Wagons Hire Campervan in Australia for some serious fun. These compact, driver friendly, economical vehicles are perfect for camping holiday road trips. If you are thinking about starting in Sydney checkout the Campervan Rental in Sydney to Brisbane road trip itinerary and just combine it with the Brisbane to Cairns day by day above. Walkabout Wagons has convenient pickup and drop off depots in Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, and Melbourne so it couldn’t be easier. For what’s included and more details visit www.walkaboutwagons.com

Taylor Hill, author and world traveler discovered the perfect way to see Oz with a Walkabout Wagons Hire Campervan in Australia for some serious fun. These compact, driver friendly, economical vehicles are perfect for camping holiday road trips. If you are thinking about starting in Sydney checkout the Campervan Rental in Sydney to Brisbane road trip itinerary and just combine it with the Brisbane to Cairns day by day above. Walkabout Wagons has convenient pickup and drop off depots in Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, and Melbourne so it couldn’t be easier. For what’s included and more details visit www.walkaboutwagons.com

A step-by-step guide showing how to install an 80W Monocrystalline AKT Solar panel on a caravan / campervan / camper van. Video and installation by Photonic Universe.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Visit the Caravan Parks alongside Great Ocean Road, via Campervan Rental Australia

Have you ever though of escaping from the tedious everyday life? The best option for you is to utilize Campervan Hire, or else Motorhome Hire to visit the Parks at the side of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. This region is the dwelling of quaint towns such as Torquay, and Apollo Bay. You can also enjoy yourself on the famed beaches like Bells Beach, as well as visit natural wonders, such as the 12 Apostles. This is why a visit to the Great Ocean Road is essential if you wish to get optimum enjoyment from your Australian vacation.

Campervan Hire Australia is the best option if you wish to explore the region in a comprehensive manner as you will have the liberty to view the scenic areas, at leisure. Victoria’s scenic caravan parks can be viewed on The Great Ocean Road, and exploring this region will ensure that your vacation is a pleasurable and unperturbed one.

You must visit the Narrawong Holiday Park, via your Australia Campervan. It is positioned on the scenic Surry River’s bank, and is adjacent to Portland. The Narrawong


Holiday Park is the ideal destination if you wish to getaway for some days on a Campervan Hire exploration, on the Great Ocean Road. This is an ideal spot if you desire tranquility as well as relaxation. There are provisions for activities with your family like fishing, swimming, boating, beach volleyball, tennis in addition to bushwalking. This is a superlative region which you can explore with your family, via Campervan Rental Australia.

Another park which is a must-visit is The Great Ocean Road Tourist Park. This park is situated on the way to Peterborough, Victoria. There are several reasons why you must visit this famous park:

There are countless fun attractions for you as well as your family close by
Peterborough has an undamaged distinctiveness which is why it is the ideal place if you wish to get away from the maddening crowds.
This Park has suitable provisions for a whole host of day trips, to adjoining areas.
This Park has a spa in addition to an extensive array of powered sites within a scenic, serene setting.
The park is located in a convenient area and you just have to drive for three hours from Melbourne.
The sites within the park are verdant and appropriately safeguarded and some of them also proffer views of the riverfront.

The Eldorado Tourist Park is Geelong’s leading tourist park which is why it is the ideal base if you want to explore this infinite city. It is adjacent to the foremost waterfront, shops, beaches, restaurants and Victoria’s initial water theme park, the Adventure Park. You must explore this park, as you set out on your Hire Campervan.

These are the primary parks for tourists, which you must visit through Campervan Rental Australia. The parks are ideal for fun and adventure and you can also enjoy some tranquil moments with your family, inside the parks.

Australia Campervan offerings unique and widest range of Campervan For Rent, Motorhome Hire. For More Information..

Australia Campervan

Phone: 1-800-668-153

E-mail: sales@australiacampervan.com

the sun shines on party valley at the eden festival !

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