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Q&A: Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?

Question by : Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?
a friend of mine (now ex friend) is claiming incapacity and housing benefit. They suffer from schizo affective disorder under control with meds but i’m not about to cast aspersions over mental state and i’m not question their incapacity by any means. What i’m contesting is his housing benefit. He uses his incapacity on all sorts of non essentials from buying a campervan, (he already has and runs a car) buiying hords of records, dvd, collectables, games, consoles, tecnology etc (list goes on) and his housing benefit is paying for his rented house while he plans to spend the duration of summer at a caravan park down south (mentally incapable of work because he’s unable to handle public contact and social situations yet telling me anechdotes of how many friends he’s made down at his holiday home and great conversations with strangers) When he’s home he’s hardly in it as he spends most his time round relatives. I told him I thought it was tantamount to benefit abuse and he came across like he didn’t care and he now wants nothing to do with me.
Is he abusing his benefits? or is this normal/acceptable?
Should I do anything about it? is it wrong to report it as I still care about him? as he suffers from mental illness?
I need opinions please!

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Answer by Jody Hudson
Unless you live with him or are him you first off don’t know if this disorder is under control. It does seam likes he does a lot, that can be seen as part if his bi-polar high, He may be scared to be alone due to voices taunting him. Scared and paranoid that he must be around others for his safety. This disorder is very cruel and socially embarrassing that he most likely is not sharing the worst part of his life. Or say he is fine today tough tomorrow has a psychotic breakdown and needs to be hospitalized for a month and when he gets out he is homeless since someone misunderstood the situation and caused his housing benefits to be taken away. Please don’t think of doing this to someone you might still care about, You really don’t want that, do you?

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