Static Weight Training – Static Contraction

Doing traditional weight training to build muscles can take a long time. You have to do multiple repetitions of numerous exercises to achieve your goals. A faster and more effective method of building muscle by static weight training is now used by bodybuilders. This method of weight training emphasizes on the intensity of the workout rather than focusing on the number of exercises and frequency they should be done.

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You must first need to understand how our muscle’s work. This is how you will understand better what this weight training is all about. Muscles in the body are made up of a variety of fibers. When subjected to stress these fibers become involved in physical activity. When the physical activity is light, only a small number of fibers get involved.

But if the physical activity is more strenuous, the involvement of all muscle fibers is simultaneously required.

When the body senses that it is not capable of carry out a load, messages are sent to the brain that the body needs more muscle fibers are needed. This is what static weight training do. It makes the body signal to the brain that additional muscle growth is needed to complete a task. Traditional strength training workouts teaches you first to prepare for weight training with few repetitions of a certain exercise and continue with heavier weight with another set of reps. The last set of repetitions are the ones that signals the brain to generate more muscles. This is why traditional weight training takes a long time to get the results you want.

Static training does the same thing only faster. It is because you go directly to the exercise that actually builds muscles. And instead of training muscles through repetitions, static training teaches you to simply hold the greatest weight you can carry for just a few seconds. It also involves only five exercises per workout session.

So why bother with traditional workouts when all they do is delay what can be achieved in just a few weeks. When the same results can be achieved faster by doing static weight training it is certainly the best workout for you. Start today and have the muscles you have longed for a long time now.

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