Static Contraction – Static Contraction Exercises

Static contraction exercises are like holding the weight you have chosen in its strongest position and hold it for five to ten seconds for maximum power. This new training method has done ground breaking ideas in the fitness industry to say the least.

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Well, like most new systems in any field it is hard for a great number of people to adapt to any changes. If in case static contraction sounds odd to your ears, kindly read on for a more detailed explanation. The great thing about this training program is that people who stick with this muscle workout will see fantastic results very quickly, three to five kilograms of new muscle growth in as short as eight weeks can be very achievable.

Let’s say for example you are executing a bench press.

Load the weights on so that they are three to four times heavier than what you would do for a full range of motion. Full range of motion would be from your chest up to straight arms but never locked. Now while you are lying down on the bench press machine, try to lift the bar off the rack then drop it down two to three inches which is you strongest position, and then hold it for five to ten seconds. Then lift it back onto the racks. You may find that it is best to use the smith machine as you can drop the bar on to the outside bars for safety.

The static contraction exercises are turning heads of many bodybuilders, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts all over the world with this amazing discovery. Individuals can finish their static contraction muscle workout in a very short amount of time with far greater rewards.

Aside from building lean muscle quicker than any other system it is also a fast workout that only takes fifteen to twenty minutes of your time. You will feel great afterwards without the aching muscles and fatigue. You will be astounded about how much muscle you can gain in two to three weeks. So why not try it out and see the results yourself.

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