Moving – The Process Thereof

However, there are many simple tips to consider and checklists to consult that can help moving go smoothly from start to finish. Prepare ahead by making a checklist, ensuring you have plenty of supplies on-hand, utilizing a variety of box sizes and luggage, appropriately labeling or color-coding, organizing packing and packing ahead, and keeping important items and documents separate.

Make a checklist: Before you even think about packing the first box, taking the time to sit down and write out a list of everything that needs to be done will ensure nothing gets missed in the hustle and bustle of activity later in the move. Lists such as itemized room contents will greatly assist with ensuring everything made it on the other end of the move. Don’t forget about tasks such as address change announcements, moving company research, taking measurements of new room dimensions, and hosting a garage sale for anything you don’t want to move.

Supplies: Make a trip to your local grocery store to request sturdy boxes that are usually broken down and thrown away.

Fruit boxes can handle heavy loads without breaking. Stop by your local office supply store to stock up on bubble wrap, packing tape, and marking pens. Ensuring you have adequate supplies on hand before you start to pack will help the job go smoothly without interruption.

Box sizes: Be sure to choose the proper box size and shape for the job. Large wardrobe boxes are great for lighter things such as pillows and comforters. Put heavy items in smaller boxes that are stronger and will be easier to lift. Books can weigh a lot when piled together and should be packed in small boxes or divided up with lighter objects in large boxes.

Utilize your luggage for clothing or potentially fragile objects. Make use of all storage containers in your home to stay organized and keep items safe.

Labeling: As noted above, itemizing room contents can go a long way to assisting organization and making sure everything arrives at the other end. Label boxes with names or color-coded strips of paper to keep things organized. For example, kitchen boxes may all be labeled with blue marker pens with further indication of their contents, such as “cutlery” or “dishes”. Be sure to indicate which boxes contain fragile objects and must be handled with care.

Packing: It is helpful to pack an entire room or area of the house at one time. This ensures kitchen items are kept together and bathroom items are kept together. While it may not make much difference in the packing process, this sort of organization will greatly assist when the unpacking process begins.

Important items: Be sure to keep important personal items such as banking documents, passports, and insurance information in a readily-accessible location. If you have hired movers to assist in your relocation, you may want to keep all of these important items in a box with you instead of on the moving truck.

By following these simple steps, the moving process can seem less daunting and be more successful from start to finish.

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