MASS honored with the “hometown of Chinese hydraulic cylinder” title – hydraulic, universa

175 enterprises win marked the county’s internal hydraulic Cylinder Voice production industry

Not long ago, 10,000 by the county of Hebei Economic Research specialties recommended by the “China Techanzhixiang cum-publicity campaign organization the Committee recommended” as “the hometown of Chinese hydraulic cylinder.” Insiders pointed out that the county received the award marks the 175 million business group has won the domestic hydraulic cylinder production industry voice.

Leading dance, trees are good for shade, cluster and prop up the economic characteristics of the “backbone”

Since last year, with 280 million yuan investment in the long-Yu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 200,000 m hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder production line put into production, investment 300 million yuan in coal machine manufacturing projects, investment 150 million yuan in Beijing Beijing Instrument Group Construction Machine tool Production base 5 billion project over the county have started construction in the 10000 …

… This is the million county

change “industry cluster” to “industrial clusters”, crack industry “low small,” a microcosm of problems. In recent years, has 30 years of development history, foolproof hydraulic cylinder industry have left it alone the primitive accumulation stage, gradually led to leading enterprises, rely on park construction, cluster-style development of new models, industrial clustering effect due to spread 6 Mongolia Provinces of Shanxi, Hebei and so on, has become a major support in Hebei Province 25 industrial clusters.

Million county machinery foundry industry cluster development has a long and painful process.

The late 80s of last century, with the economic system transition, a number of mechanical and casting as a whole in the state-owned collective enterprises closed down in shock, and some small enterprises sprang up like mushrooms to grow, but, for various reasons, these small companies stuck in the chipping away of the level, not scale, industrial development model needed transformation is imminent. Innovative ideas world wide. Million in county leadership realized that the train to run fast, thanks to the locomotive, to enable machining industry “train” speed, it must find a strong “front”, and this front is the leading enterprise. Since then, the county actively innovative ideas, starting around the Great Wall Co., Ltd. hydraulic cylinder, mining machinery plant and some larger firms to develop “leading driven” strategy. Inclined to focus all its aspects, the promotion of leading enterprises to focus on the elements, nurturing leading enterprises bigger and stronger. Currently, the county’s two major machining industry leading enterprises in the Great Wall Co., Ltd. hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder rig Chang-Yu Co., Ltd. have become the industry’s leading enterprises, Chang-Yu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. hydraulic cylinder is with excellent quality and continuous innovation and development, its products Chang Pin 27 provinces, municipalities, and for the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, Sany Heavy Industry Group, Fukuda Heavy Industries, Bauer supporting over 20 OEMs, with the main exports to the United States and Canada, more than 20 countries, to become the largest hydraulic oil in North China cylinder manufacturer, hydraulic cylinder is also the main drafter of industry standards.

“Two Lathe Started, gather business cluster. “Hydraulic cylinder markets face good prospects, 10,000 county actively guide, gradually developed a group of supporting incubator companies, and in 2004 built on the camps Datun Village planning area of 1200 mu business park, after several years of development, covering thousands of acres of private enterprise on a business venture, Tuen park, has become the county to create mechanical processing “industry cluster” in microcosm. Currently, the county hydraulic cylinder manufacturers from the initial several developments to the present 175, the leading effect becomes evident, the park a total investment of more than 5,000 yuan, output value of 260 million yuan in 2008, the annual taxes paid 7.2 million yuan, and to add 20 per year, increasing 400 jobs a development rate increase, nearly 6,000 employees, product market share in North China 80%, even in the face of financial crisis, it did not affected.

Today, the county formed machining casting industry enterprises, customers, suppliers, Cooperation Partner for the Union’s major economic resources of Union bodies, a unified management through interactive technology platform to achieve interoperability resources. Union body the various business partners is no longer independent, but the interests of the community, or prosperity, a loss for both sides. Change into another cluster development relies on mutual promotion and Zhongxingpengyue development pattern, cluster features industry propped up the economy “backbone.”

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