Growing Miniature Roses – It’s Beauty and the Bounty

Amongst the many varieties of roses available, growing miniature roses appears to be the most fulfilling in terms of beauty and bounty. Of course, you can always plant hybrid teas, grandifloras, climbers, floribundas, old garden roses, and shrubs. However, they must be the most versatile variety!

Indoors and Outdoors

You can grow them both outdoors and indoors. This is possible because of the wide variety of mini roses, from the climbing to the sprawling varieties and from the bare root to the container types, all of which can be nurtured with the right amount of sunlight and water be it outdoor or indoors. Of course, you have to educate yourself about the right ways to growing miniature roses. Don’t be afraid though as there isn’t a big difference between caring for regular roses as against miniature roses.

Rainbow of Colours

Miniature roses come in a rainbow of colours that appeal to every taste.

From pure whites to deep reds and everything else in between – think pink, mauve, yellow, orange, burgundy and russets, to name a few – they also come in striped varieties. Now, if somebody can invent a polka-dot variety in either truest blue or deepest midnight black or grassy green, then everything will be coming up roses! But who knows? With genetic science in horticulture, anything is possible.

When growing them, you must avoid planting them close to trees, fertilizing them when dry, and growing them in the shade. This way, you can enjoy their vivid colorations longer.

As little as they are, the varieties in their blooms are anything but small. You can choose from single-petal blooms to 40-petal blooms and everything else in between.

And don’t forget either that within the miniature category are sub-categories of miniaturization. For example, micro-minis include Baby Betsy McCall while big miniatures include the Tiffany Lyn. With this bounty of choices, you can indeed have a bounty of beauty! How fantastic is that for such little things?

Fine Fragrances

Often, growing these roses means that your garden and your room can be filled with evocative scents. There are just so many miniature roses to choose from, which include but are definitely not limited to the following types:

Scentsational – Strong rose fragrance
Sweet Chariot – Strong damask rose
Jean Kenneally – Light and sweet
Winter Magic – Citrus scent
Winsome – Mild fragrance

It’s like being surrounded by natural perfume all year round! And not being punished with cloying scents to boot.

Multitude of Uses

Since miniatures come in many colours, fragrances and blooms, it is to be expected that these delicate but hardy flowers can be used in a multitude of ways. You can use them as hedges and borders in the garden, bouquets and sprays in the home, and even as great gifts for family and friends.

And who knows when your hobby of growing miniature roses can become a profitable business? Now, there lies the bounty that we all desire in these economically difficult times!

Tega Noel is a rose gardening expert. For information on growing miniature roses, visit

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