Comparing the Benefits of Caravan Insurance

There are many things you have to keep in mind when looking for caravan insurance. One of these will of course be the cost of the cover, but another is what you actually get for the premiums you pay. If you do not take out enough insurance and your caravan is stolen or destroyed you would lose everything. On the other hand over insure and you are paying out for insurance that is surplus.

Here are some of the many things you should make sure are included in the cost of your insurance.

New for old cover – new for old protection should cover all of the furnishings, fittings and contents of your static or touring caravan. If these are destroyed or stolen you then get replacements at the cost of items today. New for old should also relate to the caravan itself. When considering this you have to have your caravan and contents valued and this is the agreed sum of money that you insure for.
Liability insurance is needed in the event that you damage to a third parties property or injure a third party. This could include damage caused when towing your caravan or if you rent your caravan to others and someone gets hurt while staying in it. In either of these cases you could be taken to court and you would have to pay out considerable costs. Liability insurance would pay towards the court costs.
If looking for European insurance for a touring caravan bear in mind that some providers may offer more for your money than others. All insurance providers will offer you up to so many days coverage so if you plan to spend a lot of time in Europe, the more days you get for your money the better.


Things to consider when looking for insurance for your caravan

Once you have compared the cost of insurance for your caravan and what you get for your money you then have to turn your attention to the small print of the insurance policy.

While it can be boring to read it is essential that you pay attention to the small print as this is where you can find what is excluded, the limitations and what the provider expects from you as the policy holder.

The small print in your caravan insurance policy is also where you can find how much excess you have to pay towards a claim. Every provider will state a minimum amount that you need to put towards a claim but you could offer to pay more. The excess sum of money has to be paid before the insurance provider will pay out on your claim so bear this in mind when deciding to pay more. While offering to pay more in excess may help to reduce your insurance premiums by a little each month, you have to ask yourself where you would get the money from in a lump sum, to pay in the event of a claim being made.

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