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Q&A: Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?

Question by : Is this benefit abuse and should I report it?
a friend of mine (now ex friend) is claiming incapacity and housing benefit. They suffer from schizo affective disorder under control with meds but i’m not about to cast aspersions over mental state and i’m not question their incapacity by any means. What i’m contesting is his housing benefit. He uses his incapacity on all sorts of non essentials from buying a campervan, (he already has and runs a car) buiying hords of records, dvd, collectables, games, consoles, tecnology etc (list goes on) and his housing benefit is paying for his rented house while he plans to spend the duration of summer at a caravan park down south (mentally incapable of work because he’s unable to handle public contact and social situations yet telling me anechdotes of how many friends he’s made down at his holiday home and great conversations with strangers) When he’s home he’s hardly in it as he spends most his time round relatives. I told him I thought it was tantamount to benefit abuse and he came across like he didn’t care and he now wants nothing to do with me.
Is he abusing his benefits? or is this normal/acceptable?
Should I do anything about it? is it wrong to report it as I still care about him? as he suffers from mental illness?
I need opinions please!

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Answer by Jody Hudson
Unless you live with him or are him you first off don’t know if this disorder is under control. It does seam likes he does a lot, that can be seen as part if his bi-polar high, He may be scared to be alone due to voices taunting him. Scared and paranoid that he must be around others for his safety. This disorder is very cruel and socially embarrassing that he most likely is not sharing the worst part of his life. Or say he is fine today tough tomorrow has a psychotic breakdown and needs to be hospitalized for a month and when he gets out he is homeless since someone misunderstood the situation and caused his housing benefits to be taken away. Please don’t think of doing this to someone you might still care about, You really don’t want that, do you?

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can i lengthen my van for road use?

Question by : can i lengthen my van for road use?
right,, well i have a a bit of a problem. im looking for a camper/motor home but i don’t want a westfalia or a transit with a caravan bolted to it and i dont want a bus, what i want is a really long low top van something like a transit but around 26 ft long. i done some research and all i can find is a 78 gmc royale in usa and its sort of what i want but its more round than a panel van.
so my question is this …..could i buy a lwb transit and convert it to 26ft ish by say welding another rear end off another transit and moving the axle further back, fit it out as a motor home and use it legally on uk and european roads??
id like to no if there a company that does this sort of thing i have a fair chunk to buy a motorhome any way but would rather build my own camper to my own specifications
any help would be great
many thanks

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Answer by POW
Tyres are designed and built to provide many thousands of miles of excellent service. For maximum benefit, tyres must be maintained properly to avoid tyre damage. There are many factors that will affect the life of the tyre such as temperature, maintenance, conditions of storage and use, load, speed, pressure as well as driving style. These will have a great impact on the length of service life you can expect from your tyres. Because of this it is important to inspect your tyres regularly for signs of aging that include cracking and tread deformation. It is also advisable that a tyre specialist inspects your tyres regularly after they are 5 years old to advise on when they should be taken out of service.
There is currently no agreement as to a specific age when a tyre should be removed regardless of appearance; tyre manufacturer’s recommendations vary from 5-10 years.

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Why did my husband leave me on Fable 2?

Question by : Why did my husband leave me on Fable 2?
It was Alex from Till Death Do Us Part. So I came back from the spire and first I went to see Hammer cos you know Sisters before Misters. She says to me- “You should go and see your husband and your little girl” (or words to that description).So I clicked family and it says “Your husband is divorcing you” so obviously I’m like, WTH? So I go to see him and he’s all like “Oh where were you, your so cruel your daughter has been saying “When’s mum coming home?” etc, etc. So then he’s like “I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I’m leaving, come on sweet heart (to the daughter)”. So I followed him and tried to seduce him but failed epicly so I killed him which was kind of mean, I know and obviously my little girl was taken away. So, why did he leave? I mean I’ve heard of other people who leave there husbands/wives behind and they still say with them afterwards. Could it have been cos we lived in a crappy caravan? Should I have moved somewhere else?

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Answer by Oso Superpowers
That’s the consequences in Fable 2 oh my how the game makers have their policies. LOL 🙂 Hope you find a new husband.

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Top 10 Tips For Buying A Static Caravan

If you are looking at buying a static caravan or a holiday home it’s important that you have as much information at your fingertips before you start contacting holiday parks to find the right location and holiday home for you.

Quite often I come into contact with many people who would love to own their own holiday home but have a little intrepidation over what they should be buying, where to buy it and then what the costs are in the long term.

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Static Caravan: Try before you buy
If you are going to invest in a holiday home it’s really important to look at various destinations rather than go with your first choice.

I would recommend spending a few days on a couple of holiday parks to “live the lifestyle” before you commit yourself to costs and a long term investment. Many holiday parks will offer you preferential rates on weekend breaks if they think they can sell you a static caravan or holiday home so make it clear to them that you would like to try before you buy.

How many people does it need to accommodate?
Static Caravans tend to have at least 2 bedrooms, but if you plan on having a larger number of people stay with you then I would look at 3 bedrooms. 

Alternatively look at the option of having a “temporary bed” constructed as part of the sofa in the lounge. This would give you greater space with the loss of the 3rd bedroom but also allow you to customise the sleeping options when and if more of your family what to stay with you.

How long is the season?
The majority of holiday parks operate a 10 month season. This allows them to ensure they can spend time on rejuventating the park over the winter to give you either enhanced facilities or repair issues that cropped up during the summer.
If you are looking for a residential park then I would suggest you research this further. A residential park puts you in a position where you will be charged Council Tax and you will enter into a “landlord and tennant” agreement so our advice would be to speak to a specialist in this area.

Ask when the Site Fee’s are due
If you are on a holiday park like our’s then you will be required to pay your site fee’s before the end of January. However you can spread the cost of the site fee’s over 12 months and many parks have started to offer this option. We would recommend that you speak to the sales advisors who can help you with that.

If you own a pet then I would ensure that they are allowed on the holiday park. Most parks will allow you to have dogs etc but you will need to place them on a lead when walking them due to Health and Safety of others on the park.

One way to cover the costs of your site fees is to rent your holiday home out when you are not there. You need to be careful here as some of the larger parks will force you to sublet it through them and they will charge you a fee for doing so!

However parks like ours will allow you to privately rent it out without a charge so this is a question worth asking.

Bar and Restaurant
Yep, you will have the facility to entertain in your own holiday home, but what about if you want to have a drink or eat out on the holiday park? Has the park you are looking at have this facility? It’s worth looking at the prices they charge and if there are any loyalty schemes or discounts for being a holiday home owner.

Sky TV
Another good question to ask is whether your entitled to install a satellite dish on your static caravan to receive Sky TV. Many parks will not allow this so if TV is important to you it’s a question worth asking.

Static Caravan Finance
With prices starting at £20,000 for a basic static caravan these are not a small investment. With the economy as it stands consumers haven’t got a huge amount of spare cash floating about. However many parks will be able to arrange competitive finance deals to entice you in.

Check the APR and ask if there are any early redemtion charges. You don’t want to be stung later down the line when you can afford to pay off the balance!

My final tip is to haggle! As someone that works on a holiday park you would think that I shouldn’t be saying this but some parks are not like ours and their margins will be greatly inflated so haggle with them to get the best deal possible. 

Our sales team have a directive to be as competitive as possible on our static caravans for sale, and the prices we quote will not be inflated but ensure you check out a few holiday parks for comparison prices.

I hope that my top 10 tips will help you out when you are looking at buying a static caravan or holiday home. I welcome any comments or questions so let me know if I can help further.

Nick Green

“Passionate about truth and doing things the right way, not the quickest!”

Nick is Marketing Manager for Covewood Enterprises, who operate Aberdunant Holiday Park and Cardigan Bay Holiday Park which specilise in the sale of Static Caravans and Holiday Homes in Wales.

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