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Without a Brand The product is difficult in the market based; Similarly, a city not too difficult for the brand

Competition The rise. With the national development Jinggangshan red

Travel Opportunities and profound historical heritage, changing concepts, from a single model of political education to the market

Operate Paradigm shift, gradually “red resources” and “green resources” together to promote the market, making the country the development of “red tourism” in the leading cities.

  Current Development of Red Tourism Rich tourism resources of Red, quantity, widely distributed, high grade. Huangyangjie to spark into Negative effect and Precaution on guns; octagonal gallery

Light Illuminate the road the Chinese revolution, this piece of land on the red, well-preserved remains of the revolutionary site up to more than 100, of which 21 are classified as national security unit, known as the “cradle of Chinese revolution.” But also the beautiful ecological resources, to the formation of red and green illuminated tourism resources, and build into a unique frame rate, attracting a constant stream of foreign tourists after another. This year alone, 1 – 8 months, Jinggangshan to 175 million tourists, 890 million yuan of tourism revenue, up 33% and 42%. Jinggangshan red tourism in China has become a true first choice. Needless to say, of Red Tourism is still faced with some problems to be solved. Red means the one hand, show relatively backward tourist, cultural relics exhibition and display the content displayed mostly in kind, visitors to participate in sexual activity less, for some visitors, especially the younger generation less attractive; the other face of the rapid development of red tourism boom, the scenic spot to eat, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other needs of the construction of integrated support services are not perfect, and foregrounds the problem; third tourism project a lack of cultural content, products and other issues present a single, restricted to varying degrees red tourism.

The development of red tourism initiatives Jinggangshan

Persist Planning First is the premise. Science to create the red tourist products to be scientific unified planning, jointly forming a big red tourism brand. In the overall planning guidance, carefully

Plan Building a model to conform to the laws of education, tourism, law, to tourists with deep experience and feelings, by truly shocking, resulting in more powerful impact on society. As early as 1995, the Jinggangshan proposed the “science and education the city, Tourism City, Jiangsu” slogan, to employ

Expert Establish a “sustainable utilization of tourism resources Jinggangshan model” issue, and established the development of red tourism, according to local conditions

Strategy Target. Increase the revolutionary sites, monuments resource development, mining,

Integrate And protection of the rich to become a seat garden-style attractions. World-famous huangyangjie is the most typical red Jinggangshan site. Previously, where only a few trenches, Duanbicanyuan several block. After greening, landscaping, repairs, and now the huangyangjie is Lvyin blocks out the sun, Green Cove as the ocean. Annual Tourism “Golden Week” period, nearly ten thousand people a day visit on huangyangjie. Mau famous Octagon, where Mao Zedong once wrote, “the Struggle”, “Why China’s Red regime can exist? “And other brilliant works. In recent years, invested more than 300 million Jinggangshan, in the octagonal floor next to the newly built area of 10,000 square meters of the Red Army Village, richer meaning to the location, the theme is more prominent visitors greatly increased. Really sing the attractive red and green keep people of the theme.

Improve infrastructure pilot. While the city planning fully reflects the development needs of modern tourism, overall the food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment six elements into consideration and gradually improve the infrastructure and to improve the reception conditions. Red tourism resources are more concentrated in old revolutionary areas, generally do not have the location and transportation advantages, access is poor. At all levels

Leadership The loving care and strong community support, Jinggangshan transportation network is gradually formed. May 18, 2004, Jinggangshan Airport navigation; March 31, 2005, connecting Guangdong and Jiangxi

Highway Jinggangshan Highway officially opened; March 31, 2005, officially broke ground Jinggangshan railway, opened to traffic the end of 2006; July 1, 2005, Jinggangshan has opened Jian Jian from Beijing to Shenzhen two trips West and sending travelers train, ending a history of not sending passenger trains to effectively address the visitors “get in, not out” to worry about. Gratifying day for a month full of hope, development, flashing a dazzling light. Transport industry, rapid development of tourism presented Jinggangshan

Team Tours, Walks blossom, to promote tourism numbers and revenue Jinggangshan soaring.

City location and positioning of tourist scenic spots in the content actually has its differences. Jinggangshan center with an area of 3 square kilometers Ciping however. As the temperature of red tourism in recent years, tourists year after year growth and the original Jinggangshan combined with the original Ninggang County, municipal scale, Ciping state of the resident population has skyrocketed, thus also causing environmental deterioration and many other ecological phenomena. To this end, April 28, 2005, Jinggangshan municipal center moved away from all units in all of the next 26 km outside the scenic area, the existing administrative building converted into guest recruit units, to make room for the development of tourism, tourism for the Jinggangshan industry laid the foundation for sustainable development.

Strengthen the promotion is the key. In accordance with the laws of the market, do a good job promotion is an important part of the development of red tourism. Jinggangshan take full advantage of this “lifeline” to strengthen market awareness, promote awareness,

Promotions Awareness, change and other off-site for the home treat. By starting and nurturing a long-term, stable,

Health Travel market, multi-format, multi-channel, multi-level do a good job promotion. First set up the spirit of Jinggangshan Research; edited the publication “Number One Mountain” and other books; introduced to Jinggangshan struggles based “years? Jinggangshan” red dance party; arrangement of “octagonal floor lighting” and other traditional dance programs; collection


Jinggangshan struggle exhibition; launched the “meal of red rice, sing a song the Red Army, Red Road, a trip, reading a red book, listening to a traditional class, the first martyr tomb sweeping” of “six” revolution traditional education. These activities enable visitors deeply engraved in my mind to remember in the heart of Jinggangshan, understand Jinggangshan. The second is to use a variety of media, especially the Internet, expand its promotion, repeatedly invited the well-known online media into the mountains collecting folk songs, to seize the favorable publicity platform for the network. Third, in the country to “the spirit of large-scale exhibition of Jinggangshan” traveling exhibition organized by Tourism and Culture Festival

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