can i lengthen my van for road use?

Question by : can i lengthen my van for road use?
right,, well i have a a bit of a problem. im looking for a camper/motor home but i don’t want a westfalia or a transit with a caravan bolted to it and i dont want a bus, what i want is a really long low top van something like a transit but around 26 ft long. i done some research and all i can find is a 78 gmc royale in usa and its sort of what i want but its more round than a panel van.
so my question is this …..could i buy a lwb transit and convert it to 26ft ish by say welding another rear end off another transit and moving the axle further back, fit it out as a motor home and use it legally on uk and european roads??
id like to no if there a company that does this sort of thing i have a fair chunk to buy a motorhome any way but would rather build my own camper to my own specifications
any help would be great
many thanks

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