Basic Information About Motorized Awnings and Canopies

Welcome to the website. Motorized awning prices are actually subject to quite a bit of variation, which is why I built this website. Retractable awnings are a fantastic solution for all of your sun shading needs, whatever they may be. They provide all the benefit of a typical awning or canopy, come in a similar variety of sizes, colors and configurations, yet have the added benefit of conveniently storing in seconds when not needed. If you’re currently looking for your first retractable awning, prices need not be a deterrent. They can range from simple, inexpensive manual models to top-of-the-line motorized versions with all the bells and whistles. In fact, navigating the wide selection of awnings available to you can be a bit overwhelming at first, so we’ll break it down with some background information as well as covering the full spectrum of motorized awning prices.

Background info:
Retractable awnings can be broken down into two basic categories: motorized and manual. This simply refers to the method in which the canopy is retracted: either automatically, via a small motor, or by hand, usually via a crank. This is the least of it, however. There are dozens of other features and considerations, and all of them play a role in determining the final price. Where you buy your awning is another key point. Don’t just go for the first manufactured awning you see at Home Depot, or let a salesman talk you into getting something with all kinds of fancy additions and ratings that you don’t really need. Do your research.

It may be beneficial to go see some different awnings in person first before you commit to buy, so you can get a feel for the styles and prices. This is especially true if you decide to purchase an awning online — and in many cases, this can be the best route. Online manufacturers of retractable awnings often offer many more options and much more control over the finished product, including width and projection length up to the inch. They also usually have discounted prices, warranties, free shipping, and 60 – 90 day risk free trials.

Factors that influence motorized awning prices:
– Size: The width of the awning, as well as the projection (how far it extends outward.)
– Appearance: This includes the colors of the canopy of frame, as well as the valances (hanging material around the edges) and hood cover options.
– Locations: Deck or patio, window, hot tub or pool, or open area. These affect the type of attachment.
– Mount type: Ceiling, rafter, wall, floor, roof, etc.
– Weather rating: Rain, wind, snow load, hurricane winds. This directly correlates with the durability of the material used.
– Operation: Manual, with options such as cord pull or crank adjustable pitch, or motorized with options such as radio or nonradio motor, manual override and torque sensing motor.
– Power Source.
– Bells and Whistles: Mp3 speakers, screen printing, sensors/timers.

Motorized Awning Prices:
Like anything in this economy, motorized awning prices are subject to fluctuations. Certain manufacturers will have higher baseline prices because all of their awnings use a higher grade of material, while others will likewise have lower prices. This concludes my basic introduction to retractable awnings, their specs, and prices.

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