5 Top Tips For Keeping Static Caravan Renters Happy

If you own a static caravan and you rent it out to holiday makers, here are five tips that we have found help keep your renters just that little bit happier. We’ve picked these up from many years of renting out static caravans.

Provide some goodies for the children

We have found that leaving a few inexpensive things for the kids like sweets, drinks, some cheap toys, pens and paper can really make the kids happy when they arrive. Happy kids make happy parents.

Provide a welcome pack of essentials and a few nice things

You can incorporate this into the cost of your rental, but just spend a few pounds on some basics so that when people arrive from their journey they have everything they need to have a tea or a coffee. We also find a few biscuits and some wine miniatures brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Provide A Games Console

You can never guarantee the weather so it helps to have something to entertain those kids while there’s a monsoon outside.

£150 or so invested in a reasonable console with a few games keeps the kids entertained. Something like a Wii console is ideal and can keep the whole family entertained. Also we have found if we put a tip jar in the caravan saying it is for games fund, people will give generously.

Provide Bed Linen & Towels

Lots of people don’t do this but we have found if you provide bedding, towels, tea towels etc, it really gives you an edge over other caravan letters. Yes it will give you a little more work in terms of washing but the benefits in keeping customers happy are worth it.

Return Security Deposits On Time

If you’ve done all you can to give your visitors the best holiday possible.

The worst thing you can do is forget to send their security deposit back in the time you said you will. Instead of remembering how nice they’re holiday was, they will be annoyed at waiting. Of course if they are not getting the deposit back because they damaged your caravan you won’t be letting them back anyway.

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